jueves, 25 de agosto de 2011

Life's a Beach

Paradise at the yoga retreat of June and Libby. After some delays with my storage locker, I finally arrived by bicycle to Stacy's temporary residence, some 50 km south of Tokyo, where she has been living in the guesthouse of her friends June and Libby's yoga retreat. Liby is an Australian-born freckle-faced potter and she lives with her Japanese husband adonis, who is a yoga instructer. The two of them built on their property a yoga studio for June's practice and it is here I've spent the last couple of nights sleeping on a fouton matress. I am awaken early each morning by Stacy, who is also a Yoga instructor, accompanied by June, on their dialy yoga ritual. Instead of yoga, which I have no patience for, I chose instead to meditate on a sketch of their portrait.

My afternoons are spent cycling the twin beach communities of Akiya and Kamakura with Stacey. The city has commissioned artists to design their respective sewage caps. It is my intention to document each one by means of rubbings with conti on ricepaper; this is a prototype.

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